Studying the past is both exciting and useful. Whether you’re interested in the rise and fall of empires or the experiences of ordinary individuals, history has something for everyone. At the University of Auckland, you’ll find world-leading experts in a range of historical fields from ancient to modern times, with a particular emphasis on New Zealand and Pacific history.

The Basics

  • A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History takes 3 years, a conjoint degree can take up to 5 years.

  • University of Auckland history courses are often quite general at stage 1, becoming more specialised at stages 2 and 3.

  • Most history courses have 2-3 hours of lectures per week plus a 1-hour tutorial.

  • Stage 1 and 2 history papers have a mixture of coursework (essays/tests) and exams, whereas stage 3 papers usually only have coursework.

  • The most common form of history assessment in stages 1-3 is the essay, which often ranges from 500-3,000 words.

What You Can Study

Below you’ll find some information about history courses that are taught at the University of Auckland. You can find official information about course offerings and availability on the University of Auckland website. If you’ve got any questions about courses, you should either email the lecturer/course coordinator or the history undergraduate adviser.

257/357: Making Modern America 1877-1924

243/356: Body and Blood: Religious Cultures and Conflicts c.50-1650

252/352: Snapshots: New Zealand Cultural History

206/306: Making Sex: Modern Histories of Sex

217/317: Nazi Germany and its Legacies

300: Thinking History: Approaches to the Past

241/341: Making Sense of the Sixties: the USA 1954-73

205/309 Bloodlands: Global Warfare

227/327: Waitangi: Treaty to Tribunal

224/324: Old Regime and Revolution: France, 1750-1815

213/313: Mao Zedong, Revolution and China

210/367: Health, Medicine and Society

208/308 African-American Freedom Struggles: USA 1900-2000

104: Pacific History: An Introduction

103: Global History

102: Sexual Histories: Western Sexualities from Medieval to Modern Times

107: Rethinking NZ History

Where History Can Take You

While history is full of interesting and engaging stories, it also helps students to develop many useful skills for their future career paths. History graduates go on to a range of careers in both the public and private sector.


  • Report and essay writing abilities

  • Critical analysis of sources

  • Logical argumentation

  • Transcultural knowledge

Career Options

  • Public Service

  • Non-Governmental Organisations

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Academia

  • Teaching

  • Strategy Consulting

Maori and Pacific Support

Tuākana Arts is a mentoring service for undergraduate Māori and Pacific students. Tuākana Arts is a Māori and Pacific learning community that supports Māori and Pacific Students in Arts in a culturally familiar environment to maximise their success.

Disciplinary areas have Tuākana providing Stage I workshops each week for the first four weeks of semester and then at assessment and exam times. Tuākana also offer weekly office hours and referral support to University of Auckland central student services when needed.

Stage II and III Tuākana support aims to enhance Māori and Pacific student academic achievement through course-specific tutorials, career development enhancement, and scholarship and funding opportunities.

For information about Tuākana and history, contact Marco de Jong.